Jewell Powell

name Jewell has made it her mission to help married couples, especially those who are having trouble in their marriages. She believes that, with effort and God’s grace, couples can have a “happily ever after” marriage.

Lewis and Jewell pledged their love until death before a host of family and friends on May 4, 1996. Immediately, they started having problems, one of which was infertility. Within four years, they found themselves sleeping in separate bedrooms, not liking one another very much, and estranged as a couple. Now, they have found their way back to one another and are stronger and more committed than ever to having a strong, satisfying, and faithful marriage.

Jewell Powell was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey. When she was four years old, her mother and father moved to Maryland and shortly thereafter divorced. Jewell met her Prince Charming in July of 1992. Both were aware of the statistics concerning marriage and came from families with divorced parents and siblings. Nevertheless, they were in love and ready. They did seek pre-marital counseling for approximately three months and determined they would be fine. After they got married, Lewis stop going to church, while Jewel remained a faithful, active member.
The author of Marriage 101 and the Marriage 101 Workbook found herself separated from her husband after four years of marriage and on a spiritual journey. She quickly found out that marriage was nothing like the fairytale books she read as a child. Her faith had her searching for answers. Why would God create a union in which a man and a woman could not get along? More importantly, why would He want us to stay with that person until death do us part, yet have us be so miserable and at odds? Why were so many, including herself, heading towards divorce? The questions were ongoing, and so were the answers. As she found answers to her questions in the Bible, she decided to write a book to help others.

Marriage 101, which is written as a parable from the fairytale Sleeping Beauty, allows readers to become more familiar with God’s plan for marriage. Jewell discusses His principles for bringing about positive change in your marriage through the use of clear biblical and practical guidance.

She also shares intimate details about her personal experience of fighting through an unhappy period in her own marriage and teaches how to build a healthy, happy, satisfying relationship with your spouse. Jewell soon discovered that the book was not enough. She needed and wanted to do more for couples. She decided to write a workbook that would benefit those going through what she calls a “wilderness” period (the Bible shows that many biblical personalities, even Jesus, were tested—in most cases in the wilderness—by the enemy). Jewell's mission was born. The workbook offers additional lessons and techniques that can be used to help individuals work on themselves while allowing God to work on their mates. The Marriage 101 Workbook provides examples that allow readers to enact change in their marriages through faith in God’s Word. This wonderful companion to Marriage 101 shows you how to live and love by faith and will transform your life.

Jewell accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in 1980 at the age of 14. She and Lewis are members of the Way of Life church, located in Waldorf, MD. She graduated from VCMI Ministerial Training School in July 2003 and is currently a student at Regent University, School of Divinity.

Jewell and Lewis started the “Happily Ever After” Marriage Ministry. Lewis, who gave his life to Christ at the tender age of 10, is the CEO of Antiok Holdings, Inc., a small minority 8(a) firm headquartered in Southern Maryland. Antiok Holdings, Inc. is an emerging full service engineering management/consulting firm. They have two daughters, Lauren and Diamond. Jewell and Lewis are devoted to having a satisfying and fulfilling marriage and to helping other couples do the same.

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